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Hey Tony,
Attached is a video of my 11 year old son hitting a 250ft Homerun using the Bubba. You can place the video on your website if you choose since you convinced on getting the BUBBA! Miller Harrison

bubba caption2

The Bubba has the new USSSA fingerprint stamp of BPF 1.15. Drop 8, 10 and 12 – 100% Composite.

Biggest question now is how does this compare to the B4 Portent.  The Bubba is better balanced with a little more pop.  B4 feels more end-loaded and supposedly has a longer barrel length, but it is not visible when comparing the bats side by side.  B4 is good, but the Bubba is a little bit better in performance and looks!!

We teamed-up with Combat to produce a new 2 5/8 big barrel bat that hits like the days of old.  This bat is only available at our store.  Among other things, there is an improvement to the taper/handle which stiffens the bat and provides more pop.  A proprietary change to the composite lay-up, but we all get tired of the jargon, what we really want to know is this bat hot and will my kid like it?  Here are some initial comments:

Big D at bat

This was too perfect not to share. This is Dalton Mirabella playing in the USSSA State Tournament. His team the Heat went on to win the entire Tennessee State Tournament. Big D as they call him got to bat twice in the Championship game and both times he hit Over-The-Fence Homeruns using his Big Bubba Combat. This picture was perfect…thought you might like it!
Pamela Mirabella

“Coach Tony, thanks for letting Brandon be the first one to use the new bat.  This bat is amazing.  At first I didnt understand the marketing for the new name as I am not from the south.  But now I get it.  Every kid on our team would come to the plate and say I dont want x bat “Bring me the Bubba” or “I want my Bubba”.  When you have opposing parents in the stands asking our coaches what bat are your kids hitting with then you know you have a winner.  Our 11u kids were screaming the balls out of the park at East Cobb”

B Freeland Duluth, GA

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From: “Derek C. Persse”
To: “Mike Bishop”
Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2012 12:12 PM
Subject: Bubba Bat

> For the group on the wall we had over 30 HR’s,
nice job with the design!!!!

“30 homeruns hanging on the wall” Syracuse area NY


From: Michael Marse
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 7:36 PM
Subject: BUBBA

Thanks for the great service and the one on one phone time discussing the new Bubba. Not many places you can call and get someone with firsthand knowledge of the product they offer. Just got the Bubba a couple days ago and it is by far the hottest composite(legal) bat I have ever seen out of the wrapper! My son is 6 1/2 and swings the Easton s1 2 1/4- 28″ 16oz.  This is his first big barrel and he loves it. It is the same as the s1 in size except the barrel, and he swings it just as well. With some big barrels you get end weight and it makes it harder for the little guys to swing…..NOT the Bubba. It is very balanced and has a great MOI. Looks great too. I never send in reviews because they are always doctored but I had to with this one. I would highly recommend this bat. Best Combat yet!

“Dude this bat is smoking hot.  I love the flat black paint.  My kid is sleeping with it.  Great bat.
J. Kenton OKC

“Our power hitters are now nicknamed Bubba.  Thanks for the hottest composite bat on the market and making it fun for our kids.  But please stop selling it, we need the advantage”
D. Carhill Visalia, CA

“My son has been in a slump.  We opened the wrapper and took it to the cage before the game.  You could see a change in his demeanor with the new bat.  He went 3 for 3 with 3 hard doubles.  I feel like I got my money’s worth just from tonight.  Hitting is so mental, but the bat gave him confidence.  You were right, its hot”
Jason T Buford, GA

“My son loves the BUBBA!  He had 3 homers this weekend one they figured went over 280!  The performance from the bat was amazing, I’m sure you’ll be getting more orders because the kids on his 11U team were stunned at the distance he was getting from this bat.  At one point in the semi-final game when my son came up to bat the other coaches pushed the outfielders to the wall it was pretty funny to watch. By the way they won the championship!”
Bill S, New Castle, DE

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